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Dear Troy, [Aug. 26th, 2011|11:20 pm]

No matter how many days go by I seem to think the pain of you no longer being apart of this world will lessen but it doesn’t.  I have this ache in my chest that I believe will always be there.  I wish there was something I could have done for you.  I know that medication made you feel like complete and utter shit.  I tried to make you happier but I failed miserably.  I wish I was there for you since the very fist day we began talking on Myspace.  I was sooooooooooo in love with you then even if we had not met.  I just always though that one day we would meet.  But that was just not destined.  Here is seeing each other in the afterlife.  I will be visiting you sooner than that hopefully.  I would like to travel to New Zealand so I can visit your resting place. You were one amazing person.  I believe I will eventually get a picture of you so it can have an always have a place in my wallet like the very first year we knew each other and I was in your…well before you lost your wallet on that bus.  I am seriously thinking of getting a tattoo one of these days for you.  For me.     

Love Always,

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God bless America? [Aug. 25th, 2011|06:21 pm]

People have been driving me nuts.  I hate seeing those posts on facebook about the weather and God.  For fucking real.  I am pretty sure no matter where we mentioned God and hell if we included him/her in every damn thing we did that the weather would still remain the same.  Last time I checked the weather has always been a vengeful little fucker.  Mmhm.  I am pretty sure there have always been tornados and earthquakes.  Not to metion the many other temper tantrums the sky, sea and earth throw.  Really?  How about instead of blaming it on taking God out of the things we do, blame it on ourselves?  I am quite sure humans have done the most damage to the planet than anything else.
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5 Fingers, One Pencil [Aug. 10th, 2011|11:28 am]
I highly doubt I am going to be able to teach my daughter the correct way to hold her pencil if I have never held mine correctly.  I remember in elementary school one of my teachers trying to teach me the correct way but I write a whole lot better the incorrect way.  She saw that and gave up on getting me out of it.  I am glad too because the correct way felt impossible!!!
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